Follow-up Inspections
Occur if infractions were observed during the routine inspection that need to be addressed prior to the next routine inspection. Follow-up inspections are conducted within a period of time that is relative to the type and number of infractions.
Food Handler
Someone who handles or comes into contact with any utensil or food during its preparation, processing, packaging, service, storage or transportation.
Foodborne Illness
Also known as “food poisoning,” results from eating food or drinking beverages contaminated with bacteria (or their toxins), parasites, viruses or chemicals. Salmonella and E. coli are two common types of bacteria that cause foodborne illnesses.
Failure on the part of the operator/owner of the restaurant type facility to meet prescribed legislative/regulatory requirements. Some infractions are more likely to cause food borne illness than others. The term “infraction” is often used interchangeably with “violation,” “deficiency”, “contravention” or “offense”.
Local Authority
The Saskatchewan Health Authority.
A person who has responsibility for and control over all activities carried out in a restaurant type facility or slaughter plant.
Potentially Hazardous Food
Any food that is capable of supporting the growth of pathogenic (disease-causing) organisms or the production of toxins by such organisms. Examples include food(s) with high levels of protein, moisture and neutral acidity (e.g. meats, dairy products and eggs).
Public Health Officer
A Public Health Officer means a person, employed by or on contract with the Saskatchewan Health Authority and who has been delegated board powers to administer The Public Health Act, 1994 and related regulations. Public health officers may also be referred to as public health inspectors or environmental health officers.
Restaurant Type Facility
Examples include dining rooms, fast food outlets, caterers, mobile food vendors, ice cream stands, concession booths, public cafeterias, retail stores with extensive food preparation and similar establishments.